The Tenant Planet, Inc. Method™

The Modern Landlord’s Approach

We were founded in 2016 with the goal of modernizing property management. Since them, we have accumulated 1000+ units under management. We are in 9 counties, 72 cities and have seen our fair share of the good, bad and ugly of real estate.

Why we do it:

Property Management has for too long been a black box with a lack of transparency and always “one size fits all.”

We believe in different, in new and always in better.

When you talk to our competitors, you will find they fall into 2 categories:

Traditional Property Managers

1. Traditional Property Managers, innovative in 1990, but they haven’t updated their offerings since long before you first held an IPhone. Now, where they excel is deep, thorough understanding of how to effectively manage a property through turbulent waters—which is truly worth its weight in gold when something goes wrong. But, the rest of the time, modern technology has left them behind.


Techno-Property Managers

2. Techno-Property Managers. These folks will wow you with automation, dashboards and algorithms. But, they lack the real world knowledge of how to actually produce effective results for their clients, especially in the times real estate gets hairy. You can automate a lot, but as of now, there is no substitute for actual human experience—especially in something as tricky as real estate.

Now both will tell you you can’t do it with the other’s philosophy.

To us, you need a little bit of both.

That’s where our strategy comes in. We combine real world, serious, longterm property management knowledge (having solved lots of headaches, and suffered the cuts and bruises to prove it—real and figurative) with automation in all the right places. We don’t need to rebuild Apple to provide a cutting edge offering, we just know what to look for and how to integrate it.

We all know that a machine can’t do everything, but they sure as heck are better than people at many things—we look for the intersection there and exploit it for the benefit of our clients’ experiences and their wallets.


Parker Cox, CMO
Tenant Planet, Inc.
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