TenantMatch Xpress™

TenantMatch Xpress™

Habitability Inspection

We provide a brief home inspection and make recommendations of the “need to have” (legally required for safety and habitability) and “nice to have” (touch up paint, replace carpet, fixture changes…etc) items for your rental. Then you complete the turnover items and hand it over to us as it becomes rent ready.

Rental Marketing
Rental Marketing

There is an abundance of people out there looking for a home and it’s up to us to find them. Tenant Planet, Inc. will put your rental property on the map. We market your rental property on dozens of the top rental websites including Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Realtor.com, Rent.com and many more.

Remote Showings

We provide the tenants with secure, one time, scheduled, remote access to the onsite lockbox. Then they are free to see your property on their schedule. We get a verified photo ID as well as facial recognition matching the person to the identification they provided before they enter the property and we track when they enter and leave. We also collect a credit card, just in case.

Tenant Screening
Tenant Screening

The most important piece of the puzzle for you to become a successful landlord is finding a great tenant. We screen our tenants thoroughly including a full credit check, criminal background check, and rental history including contacting the previous landlord and employer.

Lease Preparation and Execution

A quality lease is essential to protecting you as a landlord. We use a modern lease with all of the necessary disclosures to help cover your backside as a rental property owner.


Then, at the time of lease signing, we will get the payment from the tenants, from there we will take our fee and send the rest of the funds to you.

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