Our Standard Leasing Process Timeline: As of right now, our Average Days on Market is approximately 19 days

TenantMatch Premier™

1 month’s rent with a 2 year guarantee

TenantMatch Premier™

Phase 1 - Property Preparation

Step 1.


“Need to Have, Nice to Have” Inspection – Everything you need to do by law and a break down of recommended, optional items that will help you get top dollar fast.

Step 2.

Project Management

“We get your approved punch list, gather the estimates, get your approval, keep everything, on time, on task, on budget—project management, start to finish, you don’t lift a finger.”

TenantMatch Premier™

Phase 2 - Marketing

Step 1.

Professional Marketing

“We bring in our marketing team and provide Professional Photography, Professional Video & a 3D Virtual Tour—it will look like we are selling your home for 7 figures”

Step 2.

Listing Syndication

“We syndicate your listing to dozens of rental websites—Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, all the big ones and tons of little ones too—Your property will have maximum exposure to get in front of anyone who would want to rent it”

TenantMatch Premier™

Phase 3 - Showings

Step 1.

AI Supported Scheduling Software

“Whenever a prospective tenant reaches out, 24/7 365, they will be immediately engaged with, pre-qualified and then set up for a showing at their convenience”

Step 2.

Agent Supervised Showings

“Your leasing agent will be onsite for all showings, letting the renters in, supervising them, answering their questions, getting a feel for them and also securing the property when its time to go”

TenantMatch Premier™

Phase 4 - Screening

Step 1.

Tenant Screening

“Once a tenant would like to move forward, we run their credit, perform a background check, verify their income and reach out to their current landlord and employer”

Step 2.

Owner Approval

“Once we have their application package and they meet our requirements, you will review them, and give us your thumbs up”

TenantMatch Premier™

Phase 5 - Lease & Payment

Step 1.

Lease Preparation & Execution

“We prepare the lease and execute it with all tenants.”

Step 2.


“At the time of lease signing, we collect 1 month’s rent and security deposit from the tenants for them to secure the property, process the funds and send them to you.”

TenantMatch Premier™

Phase 6 - Key Handoff and Pre-Move Inspection

Step 1.

Key Hand Off

“Your agent will provide their tenants with their keys so they can move in.”

Step 2.

Pre-Move in Inspection

“Your agent will perform a detailed inspection including all conditional photos, so we make sure the property has no surprises and so we have evidence of exactly how things were when the tenant moves out and we to process their deposit return”

TenantMatch Premier™

Fees and Payment

For all of this, we charge a 1 Time Fee of 1 Month’s Rent with a 2 Year Guarantee.

Keep in mind, we are only paid once we have placed a tenant. We work for free until your property is rented. At that time, we take our fee from the funds the tenant brings.


TenantMatch Premier™

1 Month's Rent
w/ 2 Year Guarantee
  • Applicant Screening - Credit, Background Check, Income Verification
  • Having a well qualified tenant in your property is the difference between stress free income and high stress investment property nightmares. We make sure that your tenants are well qualified every time and you always know who is renting your home. For TenantMatch Premier™ we go one step deeper and even contact their employer and previous landlord for extra piece of mind.

  • Lease Preparation & Execution
  • Whatever the lease says, we have to do. So, a real estate pro makes all the difference. You have your licensed REALTOR® leasing agent, an expert, preparing a vetted lease and then coordinating with your tenants to get it signed and complete.

  • Payment Receipt and Processing
  • At the time of signing the lease, your new tenants will bring 1 month’s rent and their security deposit as payment to secure the property. We will receive it, handle the accounting, then take out our tenant placement fee and send the rest of the funds to you.

  • Habitablity Inspection
  • We call it the “Need to Have, Nice to Have” Inspection—we will inspect your property, with a full inspection report including photos showing the “Need to Have” legal safety and habitability requirements as well as insight into all of the “Nice to Have” items—things like touch up paint that will help your home rent faster for a higher rental rate. The Need to Have Items are non-negotiable, the Nice to Have are up to you.

  • Listing Syndication to Dozens of Websites
  • Once we have your marketing materials, we use a syndication platform to get your listing out to dozens of websites, all the big ones—Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Zumper, Hotpads...and tons of little sites as well. Your property won’t only be easy to find, it will be hard to miss.

  • 24/7 AI Supported Scheduling
  • When your property is listed online, tenants will start reaching out to schedule a showing. At most companies, they are going to be waiting for a call back from a busy manager whenever they have time during tomorrow’s business hours. For us, whether they reach out during business hours, on the weekend, or during the fireworks on 4th of July, they will be immediately responded to and prompted to schedule a showing. 24/7 365.

  • Key Handoff & Pre-Move In Inspection
  • Once the property is filled and your tenants have paid, signed the lease and are ready to move in, we perform a Pre-Move In inspection to record the state of the property immediately prior to occupancy so that way when they move out we will be able to accurately and quickly get their security deposit assessed, deducted and returned. After that, we hand off the keys and the tenant moves in.

  • Remote Access Lock Box, Self Guided Showings
  • In the event that you select our TenantMatch Xpress™ tenant placement service, your tenants will schedule a self-guided showing, where they will have a one time access code to the onsite lockbox allowing them to visit the property alone. We use the most secure lockbox system in the industry—if they want to see the property, they must take a selfie, as well as a photo of their ID—the software verifies the ID and the Selfie are the same person, and it also gets their credit card info...just in case.

  • In Person, Agent Supervised Showings
  • With our TenantMatch Premier™ Service, your leasing agent will be available mornings, workdays, evenings and weekends to be onsite for all showings—letting the prospective tenant in, answering their questions, explaining the area and the amenities, and supervising the property and of course securing it when they leave. Face to face contact seems a bit old school, but we believe in the value of in person relationships and security.

  • Property Preparation—Project Management
  • After we have completed the “Need to Have, Nice to Have” Inspection, we will go over the list with you. You will help us determine what you want done. Once we have the punch list, we will gather the vendors, get the estimates, get your approval and then keep the crew on time, on budget and on task to get your property prepared in record time at fair prices.

  • Professional Marketing - Video, Photography, 3D tour
  • When you choose our TenantMatch Premier™ Service, we pull out all the stops on marketing. It isn’t enough for your property to be good enough. It needs to stand out. The best way to do that is top shelf the marketing. We bring in our marketing team, they do professional photography, video, a 3D virtual tour. When you show your friends your rental listing, they will think you’re selling the place for $2,000,000.

  • 2 Year Tenant Placement Guarantee
  • One of the greatest perks of our TenantMatch Premier™ program, when we place a tenant with TenantMatch Premier™ and you retain us to manage the property with any RentalWatch™ service, if for any reason that tenant was to leave during the first 12 months, we would find you a new tenant again free of charge. If for any reason that tenant was to leave in the second 12 month period, we would do the entire thing again for 1/2 price.

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