San Jose Commercial Property Management

Tenant Planet, Inc. offers commercial property management in San Jose. We specialize in office buildings, retail establishments, multi-family rental units, research and development facilities, and other multi-use properties. With over 40 years combined experience as San Jose property managers and over 1,000,000 square feet of leased properties, we are the rental property management experts you are looking for. We can manage your commercial property so that you do not have to worry about finding vendors, collecting rent, and resolving leasing problems!

Read on to learn why you need veteran San Jose property management today.

San Jose Property Management

Commercial Property Management

To be an effective commercial property manager, in San Jose or elsewhere, you need these qualities:

  1. A rental property management team who is skilled in their craft and who is dedicated to your best interests.
  2. An understanding of your overall goals and an effective strategy to realize those goals.
  3. The ability to implement and execute the plan so you get the best return on your investment!

Tenant Planet, Inc. The Modern Landlords

We combine old-fashioned “hard work” with modern technologies to manage your commercial properties in San Jose. We remove the hardships of land ownership by doing the following on your behalf:

  • Vendor Oversight and Management: our network of licensed, bonded and insured professionals will manage your vendors to achieve your business goals.
  • Building Safety Management: Owning commercial property comes with risks; however, we manage risk with ADA or other safety measures. Protect your property so vendors and patrons are safe.
  • Tenant Improvement Coordination: Every building needs repairs and upgrades. Our commercial property management team in San Jose will manage and coordinate with tenants and vendors to limit expenses and maximize results.
  • Financial Reporting: we generate monthly statements and year-end tax packets so you know exactly how your investment is performing.
  • Rent Collection: we offer many avenues to pay and collect rent so that vendors and tenants find it easy and convenient to pay their dues.
  • Tenant Services Coordination: each vendor has specific needs to keep their business running smoothly. With San Jose commercial property management, we ensure that vendors are supported so that they remain as long-term tenants.
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and Ratio Utility Billing (RUB) Implementation: CAM and RUB can be challenging, rest assured that we will preserve your rental income with cost-effective and efficient strategies.
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