San Francisco Property Management Company

Tenant Planet, Inc. is a full-service San Francisco property management company. We aim for mutually satisfying rental agreements between homeowner and the renter. Please contact us for more information: (408) 392-2397.

For landlords, property management in San Francisco can be challenging.

Have you struggled with time management or how to find a qualified vendor to complete the necessary property maintenance on time or under budget?

Have you been burned by a fractious tenant that failed to pay and then wouldn’t leave?

How can you control costs and concentrate on growing new revenue when you’re behind on the myriad accounting tasks necessary to be successful in rental property management in San Francisco?

What if you could leave all of the daily operational hassles of being a landlord behind and focus strictly on building your property portfolio and investments in the Bay Area?

Now you can. San Francisco property management is easier when you outsource these tasks to the most trusted property management company in the area, Tenant Planet, Inc..

San Francisco Property Management Company

What Can a San Francisco Property Manager Do for Me?

Rental property management is not an easy profession. That’s why the majority of landlords hire a professional firm to handle daily operations of this complex, regulatory-laden, and operationally challenging business. The best property management companies in San Francisco should handle:

  • Tenants
    Marketing for the best tenants, preparing and touring the rentals, screening applicants, and signing the paperwork, all happen before the rent is even paid. Then there’s tenant management, handling complaints, collecting rent—and if the relationship goes south, evictions.
  • Properties
    Ongoing wear and tear on your properties require a responsive maintenance team with a list of approved, trustworthy vendors to get the job done right the first time. But your buildings should also rotate through a series of preventative maintenance actions that will keep small problems from escalating into big costs.
  • Finances
    From knowing how much to charge for rent to collecting rent, landlords trust their property managers with revenue coming in from their property. But your San Francisco property manager should do more than that. Property managers should handle security deposits, reserve funds, and be able to write checks on behalf of the owner. This requires streamlined, transparent oversight of the behaviors of your property management team.

If you are inundated with management tasks and your time is limited, you need a property management company in San Francisco to help.

How Do I Know if I Need a San Francisco Property Manager?

Property owners choose to outsource the management of their rentals for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You have multiple rental units or properties and plan on expanding your business. Why not focus strictly on expansion and let us handle onsite operations?
  • You don’t live in the San Francisco area but want to invest. Look for a company that understands the regulatory rules of the region and can be there when you can’t.
  • You don’t want to be a hands-on manager. Why not outsource to an expert and focus on what you enjoy doing?
  • You have no work/life balance. Working hard is the hallmark of getting ahead, but are you working on the right part of your business?
  • You lack the time to manage your portfolio. Managing tenants and properties is a full-time job! Maybe there’s a better use for your time.
  • You aren’t maximizing your investment. If you have properties standing empty, that’s revenue lost. We can help you with that.
  • You’re behind on your management tasks. If you have uncollected rent, maintenance past due, or unhappy tenants, there is a way to fix it—and then sit back and enjoy the return on your investments.

Every landlord and real estate investor will have to face the decision as their portfolio grows: At what point should I outsource rental property management? 

If you’re struggling to manage your properties, Tenant Plant starts at $99 a month! But why would you choose our firm?

Why Choose Tenant Planet, Inc. for Rental Property Management in San Francisco?

Our turnkey full-service San Francisco Property Management business handles all of the functions associated with your building portfolio. This includes:

  • Filling vacancies by touring properties and screening top tenants for your facilities.
  • Managing tenant relationships to help you retain your best customers longer.
  • Setting up easy pay online portals for tenants to pay rent, request maintenance, and more. 
  • Controlling slow and no-pay tenants up to and including eviction.
  • Staying on top of local, state, and federal regulatory rules that apply to renters and landlords.
  • Managing vendor relationships, whether it’s a local utility provider or an outsourced service tech or maintenance repair company.
  • We use only licensed, bonded, and insured technicians to work on your properties. 
  • Organize and manage routine proactive maintenance on your properties.
  • Handing revenue and expenses and establishing an online owner portal where you can see all financial activity that we undertake on your behalf.
  • Bill payment of your mortgage, property taxes, HOA bills, or any other routine services or obligations necessary to maintain your facilities.
  • Providing monthly and annual financial statements as well as end of year tax reporting.

Our San Francisco property management service costs less than most of our competitors, but you receive more bang for your buck. One service we offer is state-of-the-art accounting management software that allows our owner-customers to log in from any digital device and get a 360-degree view of every financial activity occurring in the business, from rent collected to bills paid. We set up direct deposit of rent directly into your bank account, so that the revenue stream is flowing constantly back to you. 

You can use our service on a month-to-month basis with $0 penalties to leave our partnership. This guarantees our service delivery—each month we have to work hard for you to see the value in what we provide.

Tenant Planet, Inc. can be purchased as an a la carte service, so you can try us and gradually increase your commitment if you’re satisfied. Or, just pay for whatever part of the service you need. 

At Tenant Planet, Inc., we take the risk and burden from property owners and give them a better, smarter way to manage their investments on the ground. Contact us today to find out how we can give you peace of mind.

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