San Diego Home Rental Agency

If you are looking for a San Diego home rental agency, then look no further than Tenant Planet. We specialize in connecting home owners with renters using RentalWatch™ and RentalMatch™ property management services. It is our mission to treat renters and property owners with respect and understanding; we listen to your needs and take every effort in finding a perfect match so that all parties walk away satisfied with the lease/rent transaction.

For Owners

  • Rent Collection: We make it easy for tenants to pay their rent: online, credit card, or check payments. Easy payments means consistent payments.
  • Lease Enforcement: If a tenant defaults on their lease, we will move quickly to issue notices, recover property, and set up for rental again. Less downtime means less loss in revenue.
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping: We are dedicated to accurate bookkeeping and issue detailed, monthly statements so you can keep track of your rental income and expenses.
  • Direct Deposits: For convenience and efficacy, we use electronic owner distributions so you get the rental income fast.
  • Maintenance: We have a network of providers who perform maintenance and repair work. Prompt repairs means happy tenants and happy tenants means less turnover.

For Tenants

  • Well Maintained Rental Units: We inspect rental units to ensure they are clean, well maintained, and comply with state standards.
  • Customer Service: Our staff members are available to answer questions and address your concerns. You will receive professional and considerate customer service.
  • Online Portal: Sign in to your own account to make rental payments and submit maintenance requests. Online communications are convenient and an effective: no more waiting on the phone for next available agent.
  • Maintenance: We acknowledge maintenance issues and respond promptly.
  • Peace of Mind: We offer tenants peace of mind knowing that there is someone to turn to when something goes wrong. No longer will you have to worry about absentee landlords who are deaf to your concerns.
San Diego Home Rental Agency
In addition to the above, our TenantMatch™ program prepares your property for renting: rental price analysis, marketing, property showings, tenant screening, and lease preparation.
Please contact us for more information: (619) 427-2400.