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Managing rental properties can easily overwhelm a property owner.

Is this what you want to spend your time doing?

A good rental property management services firm is a trusted partner to handle daily on-site operations of your investments. Finding the right company to provide management, oversight and ongoing stewardship of your properties is one of the most important decisions a landlord or development company can make.

TenantPlanet’s RENTAL WATCH™ service is a trusted landlord property management firm with a track record of providing:


From managing tenants to delinquency collection and eviction management, Tenant Planet, Inc. offers our customers a reliable, worry-free service with a proven track record that carefully and effectively balances the tenant/landlord relationship.

Especially in times of economic hardship, nonpayment is a common problem, but Tenant Planet, Inc. can issue notices and communicate with the tenant to get them back on track. While we do our best to find you the best tenants, sometimes these relationships sour. We understand the rights of both parties and can work to evict and replace the tenant on your behalf.


Preserving your investment with maintenance oversight is an important part of the rental property management service. You need a company that can provide a 24/7 routine and emergency property response as well as handling preventative maintenance to catch small facility problems before they escalate.

Tenant Planet, Inc. offers a foolproof and transparent system for promptly addressing maintenance requests and then tracking how your money is spent. With Tenant Planet, Inc., there’s no reason to stress over finding a reliable vendor that provides high quality work. Tenant Planet, Inc. has a seasoned network of pre-vetted vendors that we’ve worked with for years to fix any problem at your property. Our team is on hand to double-check work quality.


Being a landlord, your goal is seamless cash flow from your investments. If your property management homes for rent business fails to collect and distribute receivables reliably, what is the point?

Our work starts before the rent is due by maximizing the fees generated by your properties. There is a science to this process, and Tenant Planet, Inc. can review rental fees and make recommendations based on local market research and our experience. The goal is to maximize your rent income but also keep you at 100% occupancy for a greater ROI. Then Tenant Planet, Inc. facilitates the rent payment and funds distribution process by making it easy for a tenant to pay their bill online via a direct deposit from their bank or a credit card.

Finally, we also handle lease modifications, delinquency collection, and the servicing of all notices for full-servicing of your property management homes for rent.


The best rental property management services handle more than rent and the physical location. Tenant Planet, Inc. offers a comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping service that can handle rent, reserve funds, hold security deposits, and write checks on your behalf. By using cloud-based accounting software, you have full transparency into the payment of all expenses, tax reporting, direct deposit distribution, and more. From our online owner’s portal, you will see a detailed and accurate accounting of all of the financial activities related to your properties.

Tenant Planet, Inc. has proven, airtight, secure processes for handling maintenance invoicing, insurance, property taxes, utilities, and more. Each month you will receive a detailed accounting of all the money flowing in and out of your property. But you can log in online from any digital device to check the owner’s portal 24/7/365.

At the end of each year, we send you a tax year statement and 1099 to report your income as well as all the invoices from that year. Our clients tell us their accountants have never been so happy.

How much would you pay for this service?

Tenant Planet, Inc.’s fees start at $99/month.

Contact us for property management peace of mind.

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Property Management Homes for Rent

Your top priority as a landlord should be getting vacant units filled quickly with top tenants. Your second priority should be maintaining positive relationships with your best tenants to keep them long-term. Tenant Planet, Inc. increases your revenues by filling units faster and keeping existing tenants longer. It’s a one-two punch that delivers real ROI for our customers.

Tenant Planet, Inc. works hard to get your property the attention it deserves from individuals and families looking for a new home. Optimizing advertising for the maximum impact, while making the best use of free resources such as social media, websites, and referrals, are all ways to get your rentals noticed by the best prospective tenants. We then make sure the property shows well and handle all of the application paperwork.

No one wants a bad tenant. Tenant Planet, Inc. offers a thorough screening of prospective renters from income and employment verification, credit check, personal references, public notice search, and more, as a standard part of our screening service. It’s another way we add value to our rental property management service offering.

TenantPlanet’s RENTAL WATCH™ service handles all of the risk associated with ongoing management of your rental property investments. We handle the daily hassles of rental management so you can focus on new property acquisition and business growth.

Benefits of Landlord Property Management

Trusted landlord property management services let you relax while we handle daily operations of one or more of your rental locations. We’ve seen thousands of applicants and know how to ferret out tenant troublemakers before they ever go onsite. It’s one of the most significant benefits we offer to our customers.

Experienced landlords understand it takes just one bad tenant to cause a financial, legal, or reputational headache. The team at Tenant Planet, Inc. understands the latest federal, state, and municipal laws and can help you navigate everything from tenant screening, property safety, evictions, inspections, lease termination, and much more.

There are numerous benefits to finding a good landlord property management company:

  • Having a shorter vacancy cycle
  • Signing with better quality tenants
  • Retaining tenants longer
  • Improving your rent collection procedures
  • Transparent accounting
  • Lower repair and maintenance from a trusted vendor network
  • Keeping up on proactive building maintenance
  • Increased investment value
  • Less stress
  • More consistent revenue

Is your current landlord property management firm giving you the ROI you’re paying for? Having a trustworthy, experienced, efficient rental property management firm on your side is like money in the bank. 

Find out why Tenant Planet, Inc. is better. Contact us today.

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