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Thank you for choosing to work with us at Tenant Planet, Inc. The following is our Property Questionnaire—We appreciate you helping us help you by providing the most accurate information as possible for us to be able to assume effective management of the property.

Please note—if you don’t have requested pieces of this information, it is ok to skip, but the more information we have the better, especially in regards to property specific attachments (Rental Agreements, Increases, Notices, and Property related bills).

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    Please note, if mailing keys, they must be mailed in a PACKAGE NOT ENVELOPE. If mailed via envelope, they will be lost during the post office’s sorting process.

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    Federal Tax Reporting Disclosure (Excludes Corporate Owners)
    We will use your TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) at the end of each calendar year to provide you and applicable tax reporting agencies with IRS 1099 (Misc. Income) for rents we collect for you (except for corporate owners).  In additions we will use your TIN for Section 8 and other rental assistance programs and Welfare Vendor Payment Agreements which require the TIN of the property owner.  We will use the legal name and TIN you provide on the attached property management agreement.

    Current Property Manager Info:

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    Property Taxes:

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