Chula Vista Property Management and Tenant Placement Services

Only 1 Month’s Rent

As a homeowner, you don’t want your rental property vacant, because a steady rental income is only possible when you have reliable tenants. To help you find qualified renters, Tenant Planet’s Chula Vista property and rental management includes tenant placement services. For the price of one month’s rent, you can access our resources and services which will recruit potential renters to your property. As veteran Chula Vista property managers, the services we offer include:

Chula Vista Tenant Placement ServicesRental Price Analysis :

What is a good price to charge for rent? This depends on the size of your property, its condition, and its location. As an experienced rental property management company in Chula Vista, we will do a rental price analysis to establish an appropriate rental price. The goal is to find a price that is attractive to renters and profitable for you.

Rental Marketing :

How do you go about finding a tenant? First, you need to advertise your property to drum up interest. Our strategy is to list your rental home on high-traffic websites so that you get a lot of exposure. These include:,,, and more. Not only will your property be listed, it will be noticed and then it will be rented!

Vacancy Showings :

One of our duties as a Chula Vista property manager is to show your property to potential renters. Applicants like to see the place before they agree to rent the unit. We will escort the applicants to vacancy showings, and, if the applicant has questions regarding the home or neighborhood, we will answer their questions and provide community information as needed.

Tenant Screening :

One of the most important parts of renting your home is finding good and reputable tenants. It’s our job to screen applicants to determine which ones are qualified renters. Our screening procedure includes credit check, background check, and rental history check. Knowing a little about the applicant’s credentials and rental history helps determine whether or not they will be reliable tenants.

Lease Preparation and Execution :

Last, but not least, is the preparation and signing of the lease. It’s prudent to have a lease that is comprehensive, well prepared, and legally binding. In case there are disputes in the future, In fact, a clearly stated lease protects both the tenant and the landlord because important aspects are clearly stated.

Do you need Chula Vista tenant placement services? Do you need one of the best property management companies in Chula Vista? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes,” you need Tenant Planet. Contact us today.

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