Bay Area Property Management

Finding the right property manager in the Bay Area could add significant value to your investments. Ask any experienced property manager and they will tell you why finding the right management company is critical to your success. Please contact us for more information: (844) 875 – 2638.
Bay Area Property Management

Selecting the Right Property Manager in the Bay Area

Finding the most trustworthy and effective partner can feel like a challenge when there are so many property management companies in the Bay Area to choose from. The best firms will help with:

  • A higher quality tenant who is more likely to pay on time and stay in the property longer with less wear and tear on the unit.
  • Fewer legal cases, since these firms are experienced and do thorough tenant screening on the front end as well as handling evictions should things go awry.
  • Shorter apartment vacancy cycles by helping you find the most competitive rates and marketing your property in an organized, effective way.
  • Faster and more efficient rent collection processes that use online tools to streamline deposits from the customer directly into your account.
  • Monthly accounting of all the money in and out of the business, as well as end of year tax documentation to keep you legal.
  • Lower repair and property maintenance costs by keeping up on proactive property preservation as well as responding quickly to any problems that arise.
  • Increasing the value of your investment by putting all the systems in place to improve how the income stream is managed.   

Tenant Planet, Inc. is a top Bay Area property management firm with a track record of providing these benefits to our investor and landlord clients. Find out why we’re different with a month-to-month trial starting at just $99/month. *We’ll even waive the first month’s fee!

Searching for the Right Property Management Company in the Bay Area

Selecting the right property management company is a critical decision that investors and landlords have to make at some point in their business. It’s easy to see how landlords can get overwhelmed with all of the tasks necessary to run a property rental business. Tenant Planet, Inc. helps property owners in the following ways:

  • Lowered stress from no longer dealing with nighttime emergencies, rent chasing, lawsuits and evictions, bad vendors, property damage, paperwork—and so much more.
  • Better work/life balance by allowing you the freedom to enjoy your life, instead of working 60 hours a week to manage your business.
  • Time to focus on what matters. The property owner that also manages buildings has little to no time to concentrate on building out their portfolio. 

Time is money in any business. Outsourcing the management of your Bay Area properties means that you will have more leeway to focus on what matters—building your business. You will also have more time simply to enjoy your life. Given the benefits of hiring Tenant Planet, Inc. as your property manager for your Bay Area investments, this service pays for itself.

Contact us to talk about how Tenant Planet, Inc. can improve your business and your lifestyle.

What Can a Bay Area Property Management Company Do for You?

Tenant Planet, Inc. focuses on five of the most critical areas of your rental business to help you be more successful:

  • Rent Collection 
  • Lease Enforcement
  • Maintenance Oversight
  • Bill Pay
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

Rent Collection is about more than cashing checks. Tenant Planet, Inc. handles the receipt of rent by setting up a personalized tenant portal where your customers can pay by credit card or even through regularly scheduled direct deposit from their checking account. This makes it more convenient for renters to pay on time. We also act on your behalf by hunting down any late payments, sending out notices, and enforcing late fees. Tenant Planet, Inc. is well aware of the regulatory guidelines governing landlord/tenancy in the Bay Area and we handle each tenant interaction professionally and within the guidelines of the law.

Lease Enforcement is a tricky part of the landlord/tenant relationship. Many times, it’s hard for a landlord who wants to be the “good guy” to hold up the terms of the lease. That’s why it’s easier in most cases to hire a Bay Area property management company whose job it is to enforce the terms of the lease agreement that your tenant signed. We can do this work in a way that is as compassionate as possible; however, we can also do the job of filing legal paperwork to start the eviction process if necessary. 

Maintenance Oversight is a critical part of protecting your property investment. If you have an in-house maintenance team, we can supervise them. Alternatively, we can draw upon our extensive network of Bay Area maintenance companies that we’ve used successfully with other clients. In addition to responding to emergency maintenance issues 24/7/365, our online portal allows renters to sign into their account and request routine maintenance. This foolproof system tracks these service tickets, and you, as the owner, can also log in to check our service times and the cost of these tasks. Just as critical are those routine maintenance tasks that are often swept aside when you struggle to manage the properties on your own. From regular HVAC tune-ups to fire inspections, we work to systematize the maintenance of your property in ways that detect and mitigate small problems before they explode into big, expensive issues.

Bill Pay is a huge hassle for landlords. Collecting rent is money in, but where does that money go afterward? Tenant Planet, Inc. can act on your behalf to pay mortgages, HOA fees, taxes, vendors, utilities, or any other expenses that come up. We can hold and track security deposits and pet fees in a separate bucket within our secure online portal. Each month you’ll receive a detailed analysis of all the revenue in and out of your business. You can also log in to the portal 24/7 from any connected device to see everything we’re doing as it happens. It’s a great way to bring order to what can quickly evolve into chaos if you don’t have the right tools in place.

Accounting and Bookkeeping for property owners can keep you up at night if you don’t have software to manage your investments. If you’re managing A/R with an Excel spreadsheet or on paper (we’ve seen this!), there is a much better way to handle this! Your property manager has a big job to do on every property you own, but if they fail to track the financials well it can open the door to extensive tax or other legal penalties that could ruin your reputation and bank account. Tenant Planet, Inc. has a track record of handling finances well beyond rent collection, including security deposits and reserve funds; taxes, insurance, mortgage, and vendor payments; and so much more. Our work requires a high level of efficiency and integrity and we have a track record of providing our clients with both.

Is hiring a Bay Area Property management company on your radar? Contact us today to find out why Tenant Planet, Inc. is the only full-service provider you’ll ever need to manage your property investments. 

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