San Diego Property Management Systems

If you are a property owner and looking for a way to rent your unit, then Tenant Planet is the agency you are looking for. We connect property owners with renters using San Diego Property Management Systems which are proven to be effective. RentalWatch™ and RentalMatch™ property management services allows us to match home owners with potential renters in rewarding and satisfying rent/lease transactions.

Tenant Match™
Only 1 Month’s Rent

  • Rental Price Analysis: Not sure how much to charge for rent? No problem, we will do a market analysis and provide you with a suggested price that is perfect for your location and rental unit.
  • Rental Marketing: Don’t let your rental unit sit empty. We will provide marketing so that your property is visible in rental web sites such as,,, and more.
  • Vacancy Showings: We will accompany applicants to property walk-throughs, answer questions, and address any tenant concerns.
  • Tenant Screening: Probably one of the most important aspects of renting your home is finding a suitable tenant who is reliable and qualified. We do credit checks, criminal checks, rental history, and more.
  • Lease Preparation and Execution: Not sure how to draw up a lease that is legal and binding? No worries, this is what we do for a living. We will prepare a lease with the necessary disclosures so you and your tenant are protected from future disputes.

Only $79 per Month

  • Rent Collection: Our online services make rent collection convenient.  We accept payments by check, credit card, and e-transfers. Easy payment methods lead to consistent payments.
  • Lease Enforcement: Although it is not what anyone wants, some tenants default on their lease.  If this happens, we will issue notices, recover property, and put your property back on the market with minimal downtime.
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping: We issue monthly statements detailing the income and expenses of your rental unit because we know you want to keep track of your investment.
  • Direct Deposits: For immediate and seamless transfer of funds, we  use electronic owner distributions so you can get your rental income fast.
  • Maintenance: We partner with a network of service providers who can maintain and repair your property.  Prompt repairs keep tenants happy and that’s important.
San Diego Property Management Systems
Tenant Planet is committed to excellent customer service to both the home owner and the tenant.  Please contact us for more information regarding our San Diego Property Management Systems: (619) 427-2400.